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We know good times are ahead this summer when we get to announce the Mad Decent Block Party, Sled Island announces their lineup, & we start planning the Alley Party w Theatre Junction! Summer just keeps getting better and so does Calgary! We’ve got a few other surprises for you guys this year so stay tuuuuuuned!∞∞WEDNESDAY∞∞ Tonight we have a Northern Lights family jam w/ Lorne B in the mix along with Sergio Levels, Crimsy, Kroun & co.! This is Calgary’s best bass music weekly, taking bass music to a whole other level in YYC. Bass music never sounded so grown up!

∞∞THURSDAY∞∞ We’ve got another crazy Mad Decent one for y’all this week as DJEMBA DJEMBA (LA) & MR. CARMACK (HI) make their first ever visit to Calgary! These guys are the biggest up & coming acts on Mad Decent and have been on an absolute tear! They played probably 100 times at SXSW & Miami these past few weeks and the response since the day we booked this show has been bananas. As I write this, there are ~8 tickets left online. More at the shops & at the door!

∞∞FRIDAY∞∞ With Coachella starting this week, we’ll have DJ Reece & A-Mac and a hologram Wax Romeo playing 3 straight days of music starting tomorrow. Just kidding, but Reece will for sure be dressed like a California festival chick & A-Mac will O.D. just for continuity purposes. We’ve just confirmed Oneman (UK) & Jerome LOL for Friday, May 2nd! We’re really excited about that one!

∞∞SATURDAY∞∞ One of the best albums of 2014 will be performed live for you on Saturday night as part of BassCoast’s Mutiny Tour! SABOTA makes their first trip to Calgary since they played a very short-lived Sled Island Block Party last year. Their album can be streamed right here:https://soundcloud.com/hybridity/sets/sabota-sabota! Sabota is ROBIE SLADE from HUMANS & Vancouver’s MAX ULIS, both are veterans to performing live and put on an amazing show. This will be followed by a b2b DJ set by Max Ulis & DJ Lorne B.

∞∞SUNDAY∞∞ School is back in session this Sunday as DJ RICE is finally out of detention teaching the “bad” kids about the benefits of deep house and dancing your Sundays away. He’s not your average teacher, usually thinking out of the box. Actually he’s usually thinking about his lunch box. Come eat snacks with Rice!

THE HIFI CLUB – About to go in on this Summer Sammich w/ Spring Rings!


Tues – TUTO w/ Yung Nino & Ivan Rankic

Weds – NL 4 Year Anniversary w/ KAHN (UK) & GOTH TRAD (JPN) *LIVE*

Thurs – FOUR COLOR ZACK w/ Smalltown DJs

Sat – GRENIER (LA) w/ Sergio Levels b2b Rusty Meeks 

Just Announced:

Last Updated ( 04.10.2014 )



What’s that glowing orb in the sky? Is that Skrillex making his way from Miami to Europe? Is it Diplo riding the Mad Decent vessel to outer space to record the new Major Lazer album? No, it’s the freakin’ sun! Yes!  Finally! Let’s enjoy every second of this Calgary! Also, does anyone know a contractor that can build us a hovering patio? Hoverboards are a thing now aren’t they? I read it on the Internet last week.

∞∞WEDNESDAY∞∞ The NLBC crew welcomes Calgary’s 1st lady of Techno, KRYSTLE LOVE B, into the fold tonight! She is a huge part of the Girls on Decks Crew and an amazing DJ in her own right. She’ll join Sergio Levels, Crimson, & Kroun. Should be a grand ‘ole time!

∞∞THURSDAY∞∞ This one is rather MASSIVE! We have Mad Decent’s ETC! ETC! & Shambhala 2014 headliner OOKAY in the house with local mates Smalltown Djs & Ivan Rankic. OOKAY & ETC! ETC! just finished playing WMC in Miami and SXSW in Austin and are firkin huge. They just were on a huge tour w Bro Safari & are destined to be traveling with the Mad Decent Block party this summer. Come catch ‘em in an intimate setting at Hifi on Thursday! Going to be wild!

We also have the launch of LIFETIME COLLECTIVE’S FREE THINKERS VOL.6 accompanied by an Art Installation. This launches on Thursday and it looks freakin fantastic!

∞∞FRIDAY∞∞ We’ve got local rapper AYE launching his new 90 NOW album on Friday, this is an early one from 9-11pm. We really love what this kid is doing, his last release party at Hifi was awesome and Friday should be pretty special too! He’s got Ayoo Angie, MaxJullian & Teekay from DFE on the bill as well. Support local talent! Afterwards Wax Romeo, DJ Reece, & A Mac will make you sweat the night away with some of your closest friends!

∞∞SATURDAY∞∞ Everyone’s favorite, FORT KNOX FIVE, makes their return to Hifi on Saturday night along with the Wolfcastle crew. Fort Knox are perennial favs at Shambhala & Burning Man and always, ALWAYS, bring it live! Their sound is always evolving; really excited to have them back!

∞∞SUNDAY∞∞ DJ RICE will be closing down the weekend like he does every week at Hifi! This is always a great time; Rice absolutely loves doing what he does and he does it all for you! Awwww. So Sweet! Come get down to some deep house with THE Calgary originator.

THE HIFI CLUB – If we were a Koala we’d be dead by now.


Thurs – MR. CARMACK & DJEMBA DJEMBA w/ Smalltown Djs

Sat  - SABOTA Album Release Party & Basscoast Mutiny tour w/ MAX ULIS & Lorne B



Hey Top Dudes, 

We’re getting all warm and fuzzy now that spring has sprung, the sun is shining, the leaves are turning green and the parks are almost ready for the first picnic of the year. Wait, what! No, no, none of this is happening! At all!  Well luckily you’ve got a warm place with a roof and a warm ass sound system to dance the pains away! We get down every week with some amazing international talent. Come by for a few, why don’t ya! 

∞∞THURSDAY∞∞ We welcome the don, A SKILLZ, to the building tonight! What more can be said of this man, at the rate he’s been going you’d think he’d be like 50 years old. He took the UK by storm at such a young age that the dude is only barely 30! He is a headliner at every festival in this part of the world every year and this year is no different. You can catch him headlining Shambhala’s Fractal Forest with 2000 people or you can catch him right here at Hifi with your closest 200! Presale tix are sold out, but tix still available at the door. Doors at 9!

∞∞FRIDAY∞∞ Speaking of Shambhala we’ve got Living Room headliner DJ SABO from LA’s Moombahton Massive Crew on Friday night, AAAAAND we’ll be giving a way 1 Shambhala ticket to this year’s festival! So get here early for the sweet sounds of DJ Reece, A-Mac & Wax Romeo & you could win your way into Shambhala! That’s a pretty great prize to one of the best electronic festivals in NA! See y’all on Friday & in the forest!

∞∞SATURDAY∞∞ Every time SAMPOLOGY leaves his home country of Australia, we make sure that he brings his insane A/V show to Hifi! It’s literally one of the best DJ shows you will ever see. This dude brings so much to his shows, he’s a performer to the umpteenth degree and his live show is literally one of the best you’ll ever see! We’ve got Wolfcastle’s Crush Le Muck opening things up. This one will be fire!

∞∞SUNDAY∞∞ DJ RICE’s Sunday Skool is hosting its 18th Birthday next month! Can’t wait, those are the best, and Rice deserves all the love he gets! Dude is so dedicated to his craft, 18 years of anything is pretty amazing, let alone a club night! Deep house might be the biggest music going these days thanks to acts like Disclosure & Bashmore, but Rice has been literally pushing this sound for 18 years! Come get down with an original!

THE HIFI CLUB – Xmas in April? I thought you’d never ask… 

NEXT WEEK_______

WEDS – KRYSTLE LOVE B w/ Sergio Levels 

THURS – OOKAY & ETC! ETC! w/ Smalltown Djs & Lifetime Collective’s Free Thinkers Art installation launch!

FRI – A.Y.E 90 NOW Release Party **EARLY SHOW**

Sat – WolfCastle presents FORT KNOX FIVE w/ Guests


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Night Circus w/ Wax Romeo, DJ Reece, & A-Mac
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Sunday Skool w/ DJ Rice & Guests
Northern Lights w/ Pirahna Piranha & Friends
BESTiE (Van) w/ Port Juvee & Mark Mills
JEROME LOL (Body High, LA) b2b ONEMAN (UK)
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