SHAPES /// Installation and Live Showcase feat. Sergio Levels - Isis Graham & More!

  • The HIfi Club 219 10 Ave SW Calgary, AB, T2R 0A4 Canada

Saturday February 14th will be the start of a new era. Shapes was created a few years back as a means of communicating 'messages' and information about events and cultural happenings throughout our current populous. Various cards were handed out containing the legend to the code and many pieces of information were left throughout the city for other's to find. It's been an amazing experiment to see how this info has been picked up and what other's have done with it. 

The evening will begin with an unveiling of a number of physical pieces on display in the infamous HIFI club corridor. There will be works present by the artists: 

Sandro Petrillo
Taylor Kline
Omar Lalani 
& More TBA

The musical selections will be provided by a number of talented individuals including:

Sergio Levels (LIVE)
Isis Graham Music

Audio will be accompanied by Live Visuals. 


This evening will also be treated as a sort of farewell... I'm headed out east for an unknown period of time. It's a bittersweet change as I'm extremely excited to explore a great part of this country that I've not yet had the chance, but I'm also sad as I've been supported in this city for YEARS and I'll dearly miss all of you. That being said I'll most definitely be back in the city on occasion but Id love to see you all before we make the journey!