Celevrate presents: Lone w/ Matthew Robinson

  • The Hifi Club 219 10 Avenue Southwest Calgary, AB, T2R 0A4 Canada

The Hifi Club and Wax Romeo's Celevrate are proud to present Lone with special guest Matthew Robinson.

Lone (R&S Records)

Over the last four years, Matt Cutler has steadily established himself as one of dance music’s most exciting producers. The Nottingham-based artist is a master of indulgence, jamming his tracks with jagged, aggressive rhythms and glistening melodies. Cutler draws heavily from rave music’s more explicitly colorful side, embracing the all-out intensity of breakbeat techno and hardcore’s effervescent steamroll; like many of his contemporaries, he was barely old enough to ride a bike when those strains of dance music emerged the first time around, so his work as Lone is essentially a reconstruction, an alternate version of the past put together by someone who wasn’t around to experience the sound's genesis